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Short Read: for his pick of the talks Anthony Gardner recommends the Vancouver Writers Festthis year it has a bumper crop of authors, Sunday Brunch and bands

A Game, a Gadget and an App: Tom Standage plays a wildly ambitious shoot-em-up , goes around the world in 80 Days, and finds some speakers he can take with him

One is a world-famous cosmologist with a severe degenerative disease. The other is an able-bodied young actor with no science credentials. So how did Eddie Redmayne turn himself into Stephen Hawking? Clemency Burton-Hill follows him through the process

Found in Translation: Simon Willis enjoys a Colombian novel of corrupted innocence, published in English more than 30 years after it was written


The Mission: Will Smith learns how to carve a block of ice. But, as both creator and destroyer, he has more fun smashing it up

Authors on Museums: the stuff of school trips is not often the stuff of romantic weekends too. Back in Paris, Allison Pearson rediscovers the magic of the Musée Rodin

Britain's foremost land artist used to make his art out of stones; now it's mud, from the River Avon. He takes Robert Butler for a walk there

Man in a Suit: Julian Wild, a sculptor who “doodles in 3D”, gets a two-piece worth modelling