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My Madeleine: as a child, Saskya Jain wanted to travel the world and eat it too. But at home she had to use her imaginationand a roti

The creator of Botswana’s first fictional lady detective talks to his fellow novelist Justin Cartwright about a fondness for cheerful Aussies and colonial cocktails

Short Read: this autumn, several London shows are hopping the pond to America. Isabel Lloyd chooses the highlights

Flaubert’s ageless anti-heroine is back in two new films. But who was she? Julie Kavanagh sets out to establish which of the women in Flaubert's life was the real Emma Bovary

Theme of the week...Scotland

On the Orkney Islands, the independence debate differs from that on the mainland. In the run-up to the referendum, Morag MacInnes gives a local's view

Authors on Museums: the novelist Andrew O'Hagan spent long hours at Kelvingrove, Glasgow as a teenage truant. Its treasures taught him things that school never could

A Walk on the Wild Side: For the second in his series of walks, Robert Macfarlane catches a sleeper to the mountains of western Scotland

On the eve of the Scottish referendum the inhabitants of Eigg are in high spirits. Kathleen Jamie visits and takes a shower by starlight