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Inspiring Innovators: the former sprinter Michael Johnson credits Jesse Owens with making him a better athleteand for leading the fight against injustices in athletics

Inspiring Innovators: the designer Hussein Chalayan credits the music of Tori Amos with helping him understand what it's like to be a woman

Inspiring Innovators: Zainab Salbi, the founder of Women for Women International, admires Aamir Khan's efforts to confront women's issues in India

Inspiring Innovators: as a university student, the bioengineer Donald Ingber found inspiration for molecular study in an unlikely place—the architecture of Buckminster Fuller


That was the chance that Jo Lennan had cancer. But somebody has to be that one. In this memoir, she reveals what happened next and what she learned along the way

Research suggests that light looms as large in our well-being as sleep. Rosie Blau consults experts in California and Japan

In the Amazon rainforest, a shaman has a new title: indigenous health agent. For our photo essay, André François watched modern medicine mix with ancient rituals. Helen Joyce introduces him

As a war reporter, Charles Sabine diced with death. Now he has an incurable brain disorder, and terror is ever-present—yet he has no symptoms. He talks to Laura Spinney