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A Matter of Taste: backpacks are getting smaller and lower-slung. Kassia St Clair picks the best of the bunch

Short Read: making theatre out of the digital world can be difficult. Isabel Lloyd recommends one play, "The Nether", that pulls it off

Lipsmacking: Abu Hassan serves only one dishhummus. Samantha Weinberg joins the queue in Tel Aviv

He was the physicist who went to Microsoft and made his fortune. These days he’s a tycoon, philanthropist, dino-hunter, bestselling author and barbecue champion, who has discovered the most scientific way to enjoy claret. Alex Renton profiles him


She is the most sought-after set designer in opera. And theatre. And rock, pop, hip-hop... Oh, and she also does the Olympics. Matthew Sweet goes backstage with Es Devlin

One is a world-famous cosmologist with a severe degenerative disease. The other is an able-bodied young actor with no science credentials. So how did Eddie Redmayne turn himself into Stephen Hawking? Clemency Burton-Hill follows him through the process

His magnum opus, “Building Stories”, is a triumph of writing, drawing, imagination and empathy. Simon Willis goes to Chicago to meet him

Can we change the world, one click at a time? Ricken Patel, a young Canadian, thinks so, and he now has tens of millions of followers to show for it. Profile by Robert Butler